Summer 2016

It looks like summer is finally here! We hope everyone will put our garden areas to good use.  Lorimer have recently had a new door fitted which improves the access to our sun patio.  We have added some more benches to the front garden also.  Struan are finalising their plans for their Garden party – More to follow…..  Thorburn have just added some new garden tables to compliment the furniture already used in the sensory garden….

Any relatives willing to hold reminiscence sessions or to facilitate an activity session please speak to the nurse in charge.We have a volunteer name Wei-Ying joining us at Lorimer House. Wei-Ling is completing her GOLD Duke of Edinburgh Award and will be taking part in activities with the residents as well as taking to the Duke of Edinburgh scheme.


As discussed at the relatives meetings, we are trying to encourage the residents to create a playlist of the favourite and memorable songs for more info  please see this link